Best Hats for the Fall/Winter

Everyone knows just how much I love my hats, so when the cooler weather comes along I know I'll be able to rock out the styles and fabrics that would really showcase my style. You guys have seen a lot of my photoshoots feature some of my favorite styles. Allow me to tell you a little more about that I love about these styles and why you should wear them yourself! Trust that a hat kicks any outfit up a notch, so why not try it?



The Fedora style is one of my favorites because it's so universal. It literally pairs well with everyone, any face shape etc... It just works. You'll find me in quite a few different ones most notably the "Dean the Butcher" a center dent wide-brimmed fedora from Goorin Bros. It's one of my favorite styles at the company because it works on both men and women as well as the colors it comes in. I personally have 4 different colors of this hat and will not look back.



Now caps is a very generic style selections. You would say flatcaps, Greek Fisherman caps, Baseball caps and much more fall into this selection, and for the sake of this post I ABSOLUTELY did ball them up into one area. Listed above though are mostly fisherman caps as they are VERY on trend at the moment. You can't spend five minutes in Soho without seeing one of these caps around. 



Now here I listed more Baseball & Flat cap styles. Baseball caps of course are very casual styles mostly worn during something athletic or walks all over town. I also included flatcaps here for a bit more variety. There are all sorts of styles of caps. In the photo above I'm wearing a six-panel flatcar with a duck bill (narrow in the front) from Goorin Bros.