Green, Fit & Flare

Happy New Year folks!!!! Hopefully, you had a blast partying with loved ones! I have spent the first few days of the year getting blog posts in order as well as planning a trip to California! I decided before I left to take a few photos of an outfit I wore for work a few days prior and fell in love with. As many of you know I'm currently having a love affair with bodysuits and it continues with this outfit. I'd seen this White Ruffle bodysuit on Eloquii and new it had to be mine. The ruffles are a favorite and the detail is just so sexy and sweet at the same time. 

The pants I got from one of many Dia&Co boxes. It's from Girl With Curves, a designer label made by Blogger Tanesha Awasthi of the HUGELY Popular Girl With Curves blog. She's got quite the fashion sense and the following to boot. Her styles have long been popular and it was only a matter of time before she'd have her own label. 


My most favorite piece has to be the blazer, I got it at the Big Fat Flea. It's basically a flea market held in NYC once a year for plus sized ladies and gents so they can pick up some second hand goodies. I found so many amazing pieces over the years and this blazer is a favorite. 

The necklace came from a jewelry shop on the Upper West Side, the Shoes from DSW.COM and the pin from Whiskey specialists I.W. Harper.


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