Sweater Weather

You all know me well enough by now to know about my love of PREMME. For a while I'd been meaning to grab this sweater. It's the Cammie Knot Sweater and yes I know what you are thinking...I am indeed wearing it backwards! While I love wearing it the traditional way I wanted to spice it up a bit once we got to picturing taking. Mustard is a great neutral to pair with because it allows any color to really stand out. Case and point the Blue Turtleneck Bodysuit I got from Forever 21! I loved the color so much that I knew it had to be mine. I ran the risk of it not fitting but theres enough stretch there to give me the comfort I need.

Next up were my pants. I figured a simple black pair would do the trick. Thanks to TheCURVYcon and the wonderful people at Lane Bryant I was able to try a free pair of Super Stretch Skinny Jeans, and let me tell you these puppies deliver!. It hugs all of the right places so it's great for curves. I chose a black pair because I definitely do not have enough black jeans! I paired them with my Burgundy loafers from GAP. I love that the color scheme worked so well for them in this instance. My necklace came from a Dia&Co box I'd gotten months ago. I loved the coloring for the bodysuit. Normally I wouldn't match like that but decided since the outfit was so unique that I needed to be as well.

Lastly my beloved hat. Most folks know I don't leave home without one and this day was no different. Back in the day it's name was Ruthy but has since been rebranded into "Mont Calm". It's currently sold out online but if you enter a Goorin Bros. Hat Shop they will gladly help track it down at one of there locations!!!


Photos By: Armand Rodriguez