Meet Jaime Joseph of CYPRIANA Fashion

Hi Everyone! Today I'd like to talk about an up and coming designer out of Boston who in my opinion is truly innovating what it means to think outside the box when it comes to fashion. You'll see pictured in this post many of the designs Jaime recently displayed at the CYPRIANA Launch Part out in Boston not too long ago. Featured are pieces like a gorgeous open-back polka dotted blouse joggers, a vested dress that I'd personally wear any day of the week, and much more!

Per CYPRIANA's Site:

"CYPRIANA Fashion is about being unconventional, having freedom of expression, versatility and personal independence. Starting conversations amongst women is CYPRIANA Fashion's goal. Quality products, Made in America and comfort without sacrificing style."

I wasn't able to attend her launch party but I did have a chance at an exclusive Q&A with Jaime as she talks about her line, how she got into fashion and what inspires her to design for everyone in mind with great quality as well. So take a little time and get to know the fabulous Jaime Joseph of CYPRIANA Fashion!



1. How did you get into fashion, and did you decide on Ready-to-Wear apparel for your collection?

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been obsessed with Barbie!
I literally was a Barbie Girl! I had so many shoes and outfits for Barbie that I would put outfits together for her to wear on dates with Ken, to go to school and work LOL. My mother was also a big influence on my fashion as she used to order my brother’s and I clothes from the Spiegel, Sears and JC Penny catalogues up until we we started Middle School. We still to this day make jokes about us being  “Catalog Kids!” He hated it but I learned to embrace it. She was a strong believer in us not looking like anyone else who purchased their clothes from stores. My mother is also a Latina, so that had a lot to do with my clothing choices growing up, everything had to match, including my underwear; her reason for that is if I ended up in the hospital they would see that I had fashion sense.

When I created the collection, I decided on Ready-to-Wear apparel because I like the option of having separate pieces so you can create different outfits day to day. I also knew that I wanted to have a production house create bulk items as opposed to Bespoke Pieces.

2. Who is the CYPRIANA customer?

The CYPRIANA customer is a modern woman and or mother whose tastes have matured from trendy stores like Forever 21 and H&M, although she isn't quite ready to shop at Ann Taylor. She is always looking to try new brands from emerging designers and she's willing to pay for quality production. The CYPRIANA customer is trendy but also has her own style and loves contemporary/casual fashion.  She likes to mix up her outfits so she prefers Ready to Wear (RTW) separates; which allows her to wear the same outfit for grocery shopping and can enjoy night on the town. She’d rather wash her clothes at home instead of running to pay for dry cleaning so she prefers to purchase textiles that are made with natural fibers. She cares about how she presents herself, enjoys fashion, looks for quality over quantity and  supports the arts and is social media savvy.

3. Where did the name CYPRIANA come from?

{Pronounced: See pre-Ah Na}
Cypriana is my mother’s middle name and I used to tell her that if I had a girl one day, I would use it. That day came and I had a son so I decided to name my Fashion brand CYPRIANA. I also researched what the name meant and it’s origin and found that it is the female name derivative of the Latin word Cyprian which means to be “dynamic, versatile and sense of individualism."

4. How do you come up with your designs? Inspiration?

CYPRIANA started 2 years ago when I was trying to recreate the look of vintage suit vests, using the vest as a facade attached to a shirt or dress. Inspired by Annie Hall's style, her clothes started a conversation without her ever having to speak. Annie Hall was the inspiration because the most important piece she wore with her outfit was the vest.  Her outfit stood out the most because it was so versatile that it looked good with any piece of clothing. Her freedom of expression and personal independence started a conversation without her ever having to speak. She was unconventional.

The Vest Dress was the first sketch design that I came up with 2 years ago using Annie Hall’s Vest as inspiration. With the vest being the inspiration, the design evolved into a Hi-Low style dress with the Vest attached the front of the dress. Sometimes my designs come to me in my sleep and I’ll wake up and quickly sketch them down on my notepad; another one of my designs came to me as I was watching the 90’s flick Beethoven 2 and Debi Mazar had on this trendy blue two piece pantsuit that I recreated. I try to keep the designs simple yet chic and classic with a little twist or edge to each piece.

5. What kind of textiles are used?

I use 100% Cotton, Cotton Jersey and Chambray Textiles manufactured in the US by Robert Kaufman Fabrics.

And would you be open to using other kinds for future collections?

I would be open to using other kinds of fabrics depending on the piece and if the fabric stayed true to being good for the environment.

6. Tell us more about your latest collection, what aesthetic were you going for?

With this collection, I went with more of what I look for in clothing when I shop. I noticed that my age and motherhood has played a big factor in how I determine what to wear/buy.
For example, I like shirts that have are chic and edgy but have a little flair and not so tight around the stomach area; the pants have that Euro flattering fit on curves and legs but are also high waisted.  I kept the same aesthetic in the designs because this collection is geared towards women who look for clothing that benefits them. Our apparel benefits women who are looking to fill their wardrobe with a few “break away from trend” pieces to remain Individual in their Freedom of Expression. Some of our items benefit modern mothers, such as our ankle jogger bottoms and one-piece ankle jumpers that feature a high waist which alleviates midsection flaws and flatters shape. Another feature to our pants is the stretch ankle cuff that allows you to wear pants full length or to cuff along knee on warmer days.  

7. Why should women shop CYPRIANA?

Women should shop CYPRIANA because when we give each other compliments, we let down our walls and invite you in just a little more. Starting conversations amongst women is why I started CYPRIANA Fashion brand. Our style of clothes outshine our words because of our personal independence and freedom of expression. Dynamic, Versatile, Sense of individualism, Unconventional Style manufactured in the US and using quality textiles that gives comfort without sacrificing style ~ If this is you, then you are CYPRIANA!

Jaime at her Cypriana Launch Party in Boston

Jaime at her Cypriana Launch Party in Boston


Isn't Jaime the best? she's quite exceptional if you ask me. I can't wait to see what else she's got up her sleeve. It'll sure rock the fashion world and make her a star! Be sure to take a look at all these amazing fashions on her official website, and follow CYPRIANA's Social Media below:

Instagram: @cyprianafashion