Be Yourself in Tomboyx

Tomboyx was created with you in mind. By "you" I mean everyone. Any chance to work with a company who's set on changing the world I will jump at the chance. A world where anyBODY can be comfortable in the skin they are in both inside and out! The company has been featured by the likes of Vanity Fair, NBC News & Huffington Post. You all know me well enough to know that I'm always for positivity in ones mind, body & soul. Tomboyx strives to not be of the norm and to knock down stereotypes one garment at a time. 

Per the company website:

"TomboyX was founded the way many brands are, trying to fill a need that had gone unfilled for far too long. We asked ourselves, “How hard can it be to make good underwear?” And by that we meant underwear that fit regular bodies and fit how we saw ourselves. And underwear that any body could feel comfortable in, regardless of where they fell on the size or gender spectrum."

I decided to model a few of my favorite pieces including the Rise Up Tee in which proceeds go to Southern Poverty Law Center. It was made at living wage factories with eco-friendly materials and is the softest tee I think I may have ever tried on. Also pictured are the 2.5" Tomboy Shorts in Next Gen Purple. What a fantastic color, design and fit! I couldn't take them off as soon as they were on.


Lastly I tried the 4.5 Trunks in Next Gen Black. It's not normally what I'd wear but I gotta say like my other pieces this was just so comfy and so easy to wear.

And because you all are so amazing if you decide you'd like to shop use code  "LIVE-THE-X"  
(Valid through October 31st) & get 15% off your purchase! I promise you you will love just how comfortable you'll feel in these garments!



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