5 Sweaters You'll LOVE for Fall

1. Fun & Fabulous:

Why not have some fun while keeping warm? Styles like the one above with added detailing and fun prints/textiles or in this case 3D abstract styles are going to be all over the place for the fall. Think about the pearl trend from early in the year and times it by 20!

2. Casual Pastel

A classic New York style, but by all means wherever you are it's perfect! This is your go-to style for running those errands, walking in the park and taking a look from day-to-night without a stitch.

3. Formal & Classic

This is your holiday party style. It SCREAMS "I will work in this and get to that holiday party in style". Styles like these are great transition pieces into the spring as well, and if you wanna wear it beyond the office party so be it!

4. Cardigan Style

When you just want to put something over a blouse, or have that sleeveless number that you're dying to wear but need to stay warm, this is your friend! Get some color in there as well for the fall into the winter for a perfect casual work/non-work day.

5. Oversized

When you don't want anything sticking to you oversized/poncho styles work great! I myself love with the rest of my outfit is a little more pressed on while the sweater stays loose. That way if I want to take it off I can with no problem. Perhaps a Chevron style will be work friendly while a bolder print for outside occasions.

Here are some more styles I LOVE: