Great Pin Ideas featuring PINTRILL

You all know how much I love my hats. You've seen countless photos and photoshoots of me in them. I wanna tell you guys a little secret, and it's about one of my favorite places to buy pins for my hats. Why pins you may ask, well I was never the feather kind of gal, so pins and buttons came naturally to me. I discovered PINTRILL while looking for alternatives to the pins offered at my job. I wanted something more lively and more in line with my personality. 

Founded in 2014, they are a Brooklyn, NY based accessory and lifestyle brand specializing in the design of popular culture pins. You can find emoji pins, Kanye West & Kim Kardashian pins, sneaker pins, and even trade pins!!! The best thing about PINTRILL is that they are reasonably priced. On average their pins run about $12 a piece. They also have some vintage options that are a bit pricier, but nothing that will set you back too much.

Those of you who can’t get to their shop in Brooklyn, not to worry! They have an online site that you can purchase from! Head on over to to check them out and don't forget to follow them on Instagram and  Twitter (@PINTRILL).

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