UNCHARTED: Goorin Bros Capsule Collection


UNCHARTED is a capsule collection created by Goorin Bros. It debuted on December 8th 2017 at 6 shops throughout the country. The shops that celebrated included the Manhattan shop in West Village. There wasn’t a lot of time but the prep and planning of this event paid off as folks were definitely in the market for a lot of these one of a kind avant- guard styles.  

We had captains hats that sold through by the end of the night and people took a real liking to just the complete 180 that Goorin Bros. did, if only to do something different. It was truly unlike any collection I'd personally ever seen in my 3 years with the company. I was pleasantly surprised with the reception and we even sold a few more styles throughout the weekend. 

Take a look at photos of the event and check out the UNCHARTED website for more information about these styles. The are only available in select shops so grab one while you can!