Holiday Shopping for Everyone in the Family

The holidays are here! Now comes the hard part...what to buy for this family members who are a bit more difficult to shop for? What to find for the man in your life? Well take a look at some ideas I've got for you guys & dolls! Featuring Moto Jackets, Sherpa lined coats, Hats, Men's fashions & much more!

The Fashionable One

Ahhhh the ladies (and gents too!) who ooze style and grace, hard to shop for yes? only because what you want to get them they already have. So try timeless pieces rather than whats on trend. Black heels, Moto Jackets, clothing in Maroon/Burgundy colors are all great ways to go!

The "Needs V. Wants" One

You know him or her. Couldn't bother with trends. Just wants that cool sweater for the winter, or that Starbucks card for all those hot drinks. Just as long as it's something they could use they are good to go!

For the Guys

Sometimes men are pretty hard to shop for. Some guys are the practical type and some are so picky that anything they get comes with a bit of doubt or reservation. If you know your guy well enough I always say some clothing that fits his style is a great way to go. If you don't know him all too well or the relationship is new, get him something everyone needs basic shirts, bottoms...the works.