Denim on Denim Featuring PREMME

Those of you who know me know I've been blogging for quite some time. I had a few blogs that I just burnt out of with time. I'd always followed a lot of OG bloggers like Gabi Gregg of Gabi Fresh and Nicolette Mason with her own self titled blog. I aspire to be as popular as the two of them. I study a lot of how they run their sites and hope to make Prince & Mott a masterpiece in it's own right. So when I heard the two collaborated on a fashion line I HAD TO JUMP at the chance to pick up pieces! The name of their new fashion empire? PREMME!!! 

When launched the site for PREMME crashed!! I was not going to be defeated though and tried and tried again. After some time I was able to purchase a total of five pieces, with perhaps more to come if my size ever returns to the site. The best and perhaps my most favorite piece is the "Babes" Crop Top. You all already know how I feel about them and I'm happy to continue really embracing them. Although it was covered a bit I still felt empowered and sexy in it.

I paired my top with a Fashion to Figure denim button down I'd gotten thanks to my favorite stylist Maxey Greene over at Dia&Co, and High waisted jeans I'd gotten from GAP. Together it made for quite the show stopping outfit.

Photos By: Shanice Brown & Nnamdi Nwigwe