Get Fall Wedding Ready with HerStyler

Fall is quickly approaching and if you're anything like me it's one of your favorite seasons because of the weddings! I love a good fall wedding thats mixed with rich natural colors and scenery that can only be described as magnificent.

While getting ready for a wedding I attended recently I needed some heavy duty hair care. Herstyler, a company that makes fantastic hair care tools to have you feeling your best self, and I collaborated to get my sometimes boring hair into a sleek, sexy look.

I absolutely love the SuperStyler in Black. It retails for $25.95. The SuperStyler reaches a maximum temperature of 500°F for fast straightening. There are ceramic plates that guarantee a smooth straightening motion that get this...does it without pulling or breaking your hair!!! Guess who really needed something like that due to past breakage? Me!!!!!

I have dyed, cut, relaxed you name it I did it to my hair so it was nice to not have to worry about heat causing more damage thanks to the SuperStyler. It's light weight as well which is something I need for my tiny arms. 

HerStyler helped me get wedding ready, and it'll help you as well. 


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