Sunglasses You Can Wear Now

Sunglasses are a New York staple. Think of some of the famous fashionista's that live in New York those women can wear all styles of sunglasses regardless of the season. I know what you're thinking "why wear them in the winter?" trust me its a really great idea since the sun is still going to be a factor for your skin even if it's cold!! Here are some trendy styles that are very popular in the city along with pricing information.

1: Cat Eye Frame

The Cat Eye trend never died! In fact its popping up even more for the spring & summer seasons. A good place to start is Kate Spade. The ZELDA FROM Vintage & York is a dream for the person who loves the Cat Eye trend. Stay true to the trend by making sure it is pointed. If you want find a pair that has pops of color preferably the trendy colors for this spring red and orange would be perfect.

2: Oversized Frame

Oversized sunglasses are quite possibly the most seen style in New York City. New Yorkers have a tendency to be standoffish or unwilling to be seen by many. Oversized pairs should be black or brown and depending on your head size should have full coverage of your face. To avoid a bug eyed look go for a more square shape. An oval shape is too overwhelming for most faces. A great pair can be found by designer Tom Ford. The ANOUK is the perfect pair and will work with most faces.

3: Half Rim Frame

To put it simply the rim of the sunglass is on the top and not the bottom. The style can be found more so in the lower half of the city. It's a retro style so you'll find plenty of hipsters in half rimmed sunglasses. They'll also be on more men than woman. It's trickier to pull off but when you do it does look very much in trend. The style also is limited by face shape. On rounder faces it's not as appealing but never say never do try on a pair for yourself. For the best in this style Ray Ban should be your go to. The Clubmaster Classic is easily the best pair you can buy.

4: Pastel Frames

This is more for the spring and summer seasons. It's just as stated. In New York during the spring color begins to come out of peoples outfits and more so accessories. Sunglasses should be no different. Do pick a thick from so the color is defined within your outfit. Go for a pink tone pastel and make sure your outfit also features one accessory in the pastel family whether it be a chic clutch or comfortable shoes. Start with the Flat Lens Round Sunglasses from TopShop The color pops fully and no matter the colors you wear will pair well.

5: Statement Frames

You are a bold yet super fashionable woman and the styles listed just don't do it. They aren't for you and you're style. Luckily statement sunglasses are absolutely in trend for the spring and if your in the New York City area check out Mercura NYC. Check the Mercura Sunglasses Facebook Page for so many insane options and contact them through there site for pricing.

Nothing beats your personal style but it's always a nice idea to try something new.