Popular Accessories You Can Wear Year Round

Accessories are very much pieces that make outfits shine in so many ways. Whether it be handbags, clutches or jewelry you can always turn one outfit into twenty with just the right accessories. There's an old saying that you never have to buy a new outfit again if you buy a bunch of accessories. You really can turn the same outfit worn every week into something fresh and chic with a great clutch or animal pendant necklaces. Playing up your outfits is very important in making them look more chic and expensive.

Marc Jacobs is one of the more prolific and legendary designers of our time. Jacobs also designs some amazing accessories. His handbags are one of my favorites. There is the Marc Jacobs brand and the now discontinued but more affordable Marc by Marc Jacobs brand. A great bag to look out for is the Marc Jacobs Stripe Snapshot Small Camera Bag in Parchment. This bag is small but carries more than you'd think. It comes with a longer strap but looks more expensive without it. 

Big Pearls are very popular right now. Fashion Houses like Christian Dior & CHANEL have implemented huge pearls into accessory lines this year and the style is sticking around at least until the first half of next year. Here are some links to the Pearls in action:

Stacked Rings are still very popular. They go by many names knuckle rings, mid-rings but stacked fits better because of how they are worn. Buy rings that are slim and in various sizes so you can wear them all over rather than on one finger. For the spring/summer go for gold rather than silver rings although if you prefer silver by all means go for it. If stacks aren't your thing try super chunky rings and put them together on one hand. It's a bit more funky but fun with playful outfits. 

Animal Pendant necklaces are a favorite here in the city. You'll find dogs, cats, elephants and lions on jewelry and they really pack a punch. Exotic animals are pretty popular as well. Abstract necklaces and bracelets are great as well for a more funky look. Longer necklaces work better than shorter ones. You want it at about 30 inches. You want the necklace pendant to hit way below your chest. 

Goorin Bros -  Dean the Butcher  $150

Goorin Bros - Dean the Butcher $150

Finally, because no list about accessories is complete without the thing I sell outside of this blog...HATS!!!! As all of you know I work for a company named Goorin Bros. They are a world renowned hat company 122 years young and make some of the most incredible hats you'll ever put on your head. Whether it's a fedora, porkpie or a cloche there is something for everyone there. Do check out the website for more! 

Hats in general add a bit of edge, or class to any outfit depending on how you've styled it. Stetson, Bally, Flaming Hat Keepers you name it there is a company for you. There's a style for you. If you seen many of my posts you know a lot of times the focal point is a hat. Go outside the box a bit and try them out!

Don't forget to have fun with your accessories. Play with different styles and different kinds of accessories. Learn what will work for you and make it sharp so that you'll always look polished.