Transition Your Closet from Winter to Spring

If you're like anyone in the City of New York a lot of the time you'll head out in head to toe dark colors whether it be black, brown, or navy. Usually, this increases in the winter months. New York has finally come out of one of the most trying winters ever seen, and if you start looking around you'll notice the steady increase in color when it comes to what folks are wearing. 

The transition, however, can be slightly tricky. March and April are known for the chaotic weather. It becomes very trying to figure out how to dress. Once you pick up a few key pieces as well as a shop your closet you'll be set. Here are a few trends making their way into spring: 

1. Slowly replace darker clothing in your closet with brights and pastels

Some people switch out their closets in one try. A little bit at a time can go a long way. You want to start out with perhaps just a blouse or accessories in brights and pastels. As the weather gets warmer then full-length outfits in brights and pastels would do the trick. If you need specific colors go for emeralds, pink pastels, and grey are still very trendy for the spring. Powder blues, yellows, and even greens will create a feminine feel in any outfit you wear. Spice up your outfits do not be afraid to.

2. Try Patterns

If you aren't ready for the neon try going for abstract patterns. Black and white patterns. Try anything that feels bohemian in terms of color try earth tones earthy greens and browns and even darker orange shades with any cross lining would work. Geometric shapes are great as well. Don't just do a stripe do stripes that aren't straight. The number one print for spring is florals. Florals will never ever go out of style in warmer months. Embrace floral patterns. 

3. Have a Spring Jacket (and if you don't pick one up or use color cardigans)

Whether it be a trench coat or leather or a bomber style have a coat with some color in it especially if you love wearing darker denim or black denim a lot. You will not go wrong with a windbreaker or leather jackets. 

and when you've got the trends down...

4. Donate!

Donate whatever clothing or accessories you feel have worn out there welcome. The Salvation Army and many others like Housing Works take donations year round. Spring is a great time to not only play around with different styles and colors but it's a chance to make room for new pieces you'd buy.

Remember don't be afraid of color. Try neon and wear that leather jacket and you'll be all set for spring.