Trending: Big Fat Flea 2017

Hey Guys & Dolls! Today I'd like to talk to you all about donating. If you are like me you are pretty savvy at shopping, but it creates a challenge when you've got too much in your closet. In comes the annual Big Fat Flea to help ease those issues.

Per the Site:
"The Big Fat Flea is an all genders fatshion rummage sale event in NYC.  We collect and sell clothes sizes Large and up as a fundraiser to create a fabulous fat community event!"

Location: New York University School of Law in the Washington Square Park area.

I've meet so many amazing women there when I've attended but most important I've donated each and every time. Not to toot my own horn but I wear some pretty nice things sometimes, and why not clean out my closet and in the process make another man or woman fell amazing about themselves as well? below is an outfit I put together for The Big Fat Flea, it features a Uniqlo jacket, Old Navy blouse & Old Navy Jeans.


I also decided on donating accessories as well, and donated a lot of my hat collection to the flea as well. So if your on the smaller end in hat size do check out some of the stuff I donated October 22nd when The Big Fat Flea has that & much more!

More Donations! 5 Bags total!

More Donations! 5 Bags total!

Check out their website for more info