Jungle Rules

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to talk a bit about my love of bodysuits, patterns and of course black! I’m a New Yorker guys and dolls so course black is my forever color! I do however also really love patterns. When Armand and I first saw this spot we had a completely different idea on an outfit for it. We decided it would be better suited for a different post though and used this one instead.  

I like how the colors just blend so well together, and because I’m in black the colors behind me popped more. Lets start with the top down. For my choice in hat I of course went with my beloved Goorin Bros. This style is named “County Line”. I love a wide brim fedora especially paired with my Molly & Isadora polka dot skirt because it matches its flow. Speaking of do follow their Instagram! The line is so incredibly cute! I just know you’ll love a piece or five from it! My top is not really a top. It’s a body suit from Charlotte Russe! I got a $50 gift card thanks to theCURVYcon and got a whole bunch of stuff. I love the detailing in the front and that it stretches so well. Finally I decided on my Crown Vintage black suede booties from DSW. They don’t cut off my height too much and go well with the body suit. They give me just enough length to really elongate my body.  

Take a look at some photos below, and tell me what you think!