That 70'S Style

So what to do when you get a floral print bodysuit thanks to a gift card from theCURVYcon and have zero clue how you want to style it? Sure you could stare at your closet for hours or you can do what I did and keep it basic, keep it classic and go back to the 70's. I immediately thought about a back in time look when I first got this body suit from Charlotte Russe.

I paired it with a crop top I'd gotten from Fashion to Figure that has this incredible "v" neck with mesh. I adored it on those warmer than usually fall days we've been getting recently. I decided to also wear one of my favorite skirts from Ellos with it, and of course topping it off with a Gatsby style suede leather cap from Goorin Bros. 

I love how dated this outfit feels, and if you've got pieces at home that look as such why not give them another try? I'm a big fan of "whats old is new again". Its a bit of a cliche but all true. Nothing we style is new so why not have some fun with it?

Take a look at how I styled it below, and don't forget to subscribe to my emails!