Believe Women featuring PREMME

In my second post about my time in LA, I wanted to focus on this particular outfit. I'd picked it out a few days prior at home in NYC and it just felt right.  I liked having a bit of color with my off-white top and of course what is any of my outfits without a hat on? My boyfriend and I decided this outfit was perfect for Rodeo Drive because the colors fit but also...the statement fit. I'd gotten this Believe Women top from PREMME (you guys know I LOVE PREMME) not too long ago and it resonated with me. What a statement. What a way to catch the eye, but what a way to get people talking. Where better than one of the most expensive strips in the country? I had eyes on me for as long as we were there. GOOD.

I paired it with my Molly and Isadora burgundy suede cropped pants for some color and mostly for comfort. These pants are SOFT! and with all the walking we did about town that day I needed the comfort. I mostly love that they were cropped at the bottom which for a petite gal like myself is always a blessing. Matched with my Marc Jacobs camera bag from a few years ago (a collab with Disney with a focus on Alice in Wonderland) & my Gatsby style flat cap from Goorin Bros. I was rocking Beverley Hills like only I could! I had slip-on shoes from Forever 21 because I was going for relaxed/casual and it fit the bill. 

Take a look below and get a feel for similar items down towards the bottom. How would you style this top from PREMME? Hit up the comments!

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