Bejeweled Belt | Great Date Night Outfit

Guys & Dolls! need a last minute date night idea? Look no further than your classic LBD complete with a touch of sparkle. I needed a dress for an event, and I didn’t even wear it! Alas I’m pretty sure this will be my go-to date night dress for the future. The dress featured is by non other than Who What Wear collection via Target. I loved how subtle the sheerness is and I love the puffer sleeve. It fits like a glove as well which is great because with this material can sometimes not stretch and not fit the bust area, but luckily this one does!

Now the belt is my baby. Not too long ago I mentioned getting a gift card at theCurvyCon not too long ago from Co-Edition. I’d gotten a skirt as well as this amazing belt. It literally works with anything dressy. I knew it was perfect for this dress. Come to think of it this is actually a great New Years Eve outfit as well! (just thought of that as I was typing). It’s got an elastic back which means it fits for some but not all my ladies (and gents!). Elastic can only go so far but i’m trying to find alternatives and will write an updated post with my findings soon. I won’t ever turn my back on my plus size ladies above a 16. Not ever.

The Watch is from Guess and the Heels are from Ellos. You all know i’ve worn these heels plenty of times and I love their comfortability. This outfit is a great transitional piece too because you can take this to work and out for the night.

How would you style this belt? Let me know in the comments!


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