Yes, Sweatshirts Can Be Stylish

Hey Guys & Dolls! How is everyone doing? Can you believe we are only two weeks away from the Holiday season kicking into high gear? Time is flying by so fast isn’t it? Today lets talk sweat shirts! I wear them pretty frequently during the colder months because they are some of the most functional items of clothing you can wear, while also making it stylish. I am usually known to pair my sweatshirts with more casual pieces like dark denim or matching sweatpants but for this outfit I decided to dress it up a bit.

In comes the Girl With Curves x Lane Bryant collection. Tanesha has been blogging for quite some time and you may have remembered an older post about this collection that i’ll link here. I purchased a couple of pieces that I saw at that event and knew I wanted to be mine. This sweatshirt was one of them. I love its simplicity but also how bold it can look.

Here’s The Complete Outfit List:

If you noticed the beret and it’s theme you’d be very observant and get a gold star! I’m continuing my quest of customizing my older Goorin Bros. hats Disney Style and decided my navy beret was perfect for Donald Duck. I used red fabric for a bow and yellow yarn for the buckles on his sailor coat. I then found an old school Disney Pin themed to Donald and put it in the beret! I also have one on the sweatshirt if you have a keen eye!

Take a look at how I styled it below! How would you style a Donald inspired outfit?


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