A Whole New World | Blog Name Change!

Hey Guys & Dolls,

So…Who’s noticed some changes recently on the site? I know it must have been quite the shock when all of a sudden Prince & Mott was no more and…what’s with all the Disney? So people who know me well know and have known for some time that the passion I have for Disney has always been there. I for reasons unknown always hid it or keep it under the radar. I didn’t want folks to feel any overwhelm, and then one day I said no. My 31 Year old behind LOVES DISNEY. Why am I hiding behind age and stigma? EMBRACE WHAT YOU LOVE AND YOU’LL NEVER WORK A DAY AGAIN…So the saying goes…

So here I am. New Blog name, same old me but what does it really mean? It means that while I absolutely will still talk fashion, I’m also going to take Disney and talk it hard. I know it’s a change of pace and I love you all my very loyal readers who’ve been around for all my madness of the past year and a half so please do stick around! It’s the same ol’ me just a bit more magic!


So what will I be talking about:

Funny you ask!

  • Customized Disney Hats

  • Style (Non Disney)

  • Style (Disney Outfit Posts)

  • Travel

  • Product reviews, sponsored posts (still a thing!)

  • My Youtube Channel

  • & Much more!!


So what do you say? Join along with me, follow this new and exciting journey and have a fun filled, magical time with me! Much much love.

All the Magic in the world,