Booking Airfare to Orlando

As you all know Armand and I are heading to Walt Disney World in January. You may also know just how nuts I can get when it comes to planning. I’ve literally had our entire vacation waiting in a shopping cart on Disney’s website waiting for the day when we can click check out! (here’s hoping the things we wanna Fastpass don’t get reserved up!). The hardest part of this for me personally has been figuring out Airfare. I’ve visited several sites, and at one point we had flights as low as $100 dollars per person!

I’ve been pretty frustrated with the up and down of it all and decided to do some research on what the best times to book an Orlando trip are. I looked everywhere! I checked:o!’s



  • (for tips on when to book)

Speaking of SkyScanner:

“-The best time to book a flight to Orlando in 2018 is as soon as possible!!!!
January is the best month to travel to Orlando
-MCO Airport (Orlando International Airport) is the optimal airport choice
Skyscanner Price Alerts can help you track flight prices automatically”

Thank heavens we are traveling at the right time, and that they offer price alerts. Now I also found out that times a little into the new year are great times to book flights. Folks aren’t traveling as much. The kids are back in school and people are very much tired out from back to back holidays. Airlines then get desperate for any love and discount crazy, but because Armand and I want everything planned early we figure we are going to be paying a bit more but only to ensure we are booked and ready to go

It feels never ending. Take for example during a session on Expedia before Thanksgiving I found flights for a January trip for as low as $366. Come to today I do the same search and it’s up to $506 thanks to not having a discount or sale to look to. Expedia isn’t the end all. I also tried JetBlue directly and found the flights to go up to $600, was on par with Expedia and well? The search continues…