What to Wear for Date Night | Disney Style

Guys & Dolls, have you ever gone through your closet time and time again only to find that you have nothing to wear and that date you wanted so badly is happening in 3 hours? Now lets top it off with the fact that you are a proud devoted Disney fan. How does one approach an outfit for a date? I broke it up into four ways. Let’s start with the first:

The “Matchy Matchy”


Polka Dot heaven. I am in my element with this one huh? But really playing matchy isn’t too safe at all you can match prints, textures & much more! Featured here is my look from Oh My Disney & Lane Bryant, but by all means go Denim on Denim (too shades lighter or darker from each other folks!), Go for the tweed cap and jacket. WHY NOT!


I’m loving this look for a date simply because it screams bad ass but sexy at the same time.


Mixed Textures


I love my lace, I love love love mixing my textures. Here you’ll see me with denim, lace and cotton. Sometimes you have to be unafraid to take some risks.

Sweatshirt Casual


This one is simple. It’s the winter time, and well sometimes you can’t avoid having on some warm weather gear on a date. Why not make it cute with some Disney flair?

I love this top I found at Target. It’s soft, cute and fits my bubbly personality. It was also super affordable at less than $20!

The hat is an old Goorin Bros. original that i’ve kept around for some time. It’s linen and great for days when it isn’t too cold. A mixed bag I suppose?

Take a look at a previous blog post for more details on this piece.

So what do you think? Not too shabby huh? So next time you aren’t sure about an outfit for a date come back over here and remind yourself that you can literally wear anything and still make it look amazing!