DIY Halloween | Minnie Mouse

Ok Guys & Dolls! Tomorrow is Halloween!…What's that you say? No Costume? NO PROBLEM!. You all know how BIG I am on Disney, and Minnie Mouse is maybe the simplest and easiest DIY costume out there. As long as you get the color scheme right you can make even the most casual clothing look like Minnie Mouse.

Here’s What You Need:

Skirt: Could be Black or Red. Solid or Polka Dot as long as the color scheme is in line with Minnie Mouse’s iconic Black, Red & White. Only if you are doing a non-classic look do you change the colors.

Top: Same as above without the Polka Dot option. I chose a black crop top because I wanted my top half to match Minnie’s body and the skirt be my “dress”.

Shoes: Literally all you need is a black flat and you are set.

Ears: I didn’t have Red and white polka dot ears…so I made my own thanks to Michael’s Arts & Crafts store bought some ribbon and made a bow myself. Talk about DIY huh?