The Wonder of Magic Kingdom | Disney World Trip

Magic Kingdom is easily my most favorite park. Simply put all the classic rides are there and all of my Disney memories are their (not all of them of course but enough). It’s the park where dreams are made of and if you are anything like me, they are where dreams come true. My now fiancee proposed to me there while meeting Ariel. It was the icing on an already amazing cake (we’d had days of fun prior truly).

When you come in Main Street U.S.A. is there to greet you with it’s home away from home vibes, lively music and amazing snacks along the way. It’s the perfect introduction to the park and when you look out and see the castle you know you are home. Speaking of how perfect is the castle? It’s Cinderella’s to be exact and she maintains it well!

There’s Adventureland, New Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Frontierland & Liberty Square all designed to give you various pieces of a fantasical life. There are Pirates in Adventureland & Princesses in Fantasyland, There are space talking in Tomorrowland and a creepy Haunted Mansion down near Liberty Square. All these things and more await you.

There are so many rides at Magic Kingdom you’d be hard pressed to not ride them all, most have pretty ok wait times except for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train which can easily go up to a 2 hour wait if you aren’t there at Park open. I highly recommend getting their at park open as well. No joke the place fills up quite fast and if you aren’t careful you’ll be waiting in line for a lot of stuff, and who wants to do that!

Take a look a few pictures of my time there, and follow me on Instagram for all the goodies on Magic Kingdom.


I think what I love most about Magic Kingdom is the impact it has on people’s lives even at a very young age. The experiences of your first Dole Whip or Mickey Bar stay with you. The first time you met a character…it stays with you.

I know that I forever treasure and consider it a blessing every time I’m able to even step foot into Magic Kingdom.

I can’t wait to head back in August. It’s a solo trip so if you are around say hello!