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So, you are looking for some great things to buy for the holidays. You also have a big Disney fan in your life? Why not let me walk you through some of my favorite things to buy that Disney lover in your life. Lately a lot of us Disney fans have been into holiday themed items. If you are in the parks a lot you have seen the change in the gift shops about a month or so ago (yes they start pretty early). So look for Plush, Clothing & even ornaments featuring their Disney favorites in holiday theme. It’ll really get their heart strings going I promise you.

Stitch Holiday Plush - Medium

For the ladies I highly recommend jewelry or Minnie Mouse related items. A lady loves her jewels (anyone who tells you otherwise is fibbing i’m sure), and ShopDisney.com has some amazing necklaces, earrings that your lady friend will love. Minnie Mouse clothing, or even anything in her color scheme work quite well too. Minnie is one of the few characters that gets to wear some really cute stuff. If she isn’t a fan anything Disney Princess related would work just as well.

Minnie Mouse Emoji Vacation V Neck Tee for Women- Customizable
Disney Princess Jogger Pants for Women
Mickey Mouse Sterling Silver Lock Necklace - Disney Designer Jewelry Collection

The fellas are a bit different. First I truly cannot stand that more men aren’t more willing to wear Disney merch, and It looks amazing and is not exclusive to anyone literally. It never makes you “less” of a man for loving Disney. It’s non sense really. For the guys stick to Tees as it really is a staple piece for most guys. If they need a subtle design, something without much wording is good.

If tees aren’t his thing, ShopDisney.com also has watches, bracelets and even chains for guys! Pictured below are some snazzy watches I saw for less than $100! Talk about a deal!

Olaf Holiday T-Shirt for Men - Frozen
Stainless Steel Watch for Men - Customizable
Zootopia Tee for Men - Customizable

Lastly the kiddos! Literally anything Disney related is going to get your kids up and going but if I had to pick, any plush is a safe bet, if the kiddos are old enough some play sets are available but if you’ve got a baby on your hands some really cute baby clothing (all the 101 Dalmatians stuff is so cute!). You truly can’t go wrong unless you have a very picky kid. There will be plenty to pick from. I also recommend using the website because it is my experience that going to a Disney Store this time of year is rather NUTS. Save yourself any headaches. Pay the shipping for the peace of mind.

Elsa Plush Doll - Frozen - Medium
Minnie Mouse Stretchie for Baby
Cars Deluxe Figure Playset

Be sure to check out my official Holiday Gift Guide where you can find a BUNCH more to shop through. You will definitely find something worth shopping for this holiday season.

Note: This is not sponsored, and if you click any of the links there will be a small commission.