Mickey: The True Original Exhibition in NYC

Hey Guys & Dolls! Hoping everyone has had a wonder week. I know I did! It started off by coming to Mickey: The True Original Exhibition in the Meatpacking District in NYC. This exhibition is a mixture of museum and immersive art installations.

Per the Website:

“Mickey: The True Original Exhibition celebrates 90 years of Mickey Mouse’s influence on art and pop culture. Opening in November 2018, this immersive experience is inspired by Mickey’s status as a ‘true original’ and his consistent impact on the arts and creativity in all its forms. Guests will have the chance to explore the 16,000 square-foot exhibition featuring both historic and contemporary work from renowned artists.”

Armand and I went on a Sunday, with a very small crowd within our ticket window. I love that it’s kept to a minimum to give folks time to really explore each room they are walking inside of. Do make sure you step inside a booth in the first room showcasing a “Redux” of Steamboat Willie. It’s a side by side of the original and newer versions by several different artists. You’ll get to hear it with the new Mickey 90 Beats headphones.

You’ll also want to check out The Sorcerer’s Apprentice/ Fantasia room as well. There’s a giant sized Sorcerer’s hat there and some really good impressive art there as well. We had Cast Members take plenty of photos of us (which they don’t mind doing so ask them!). It’s easily the best room in the whole exhibition.


Once you’ve reach the end of the exhibition there will be a gift shop full of all sorts of goodies. I go into it a bit on my youtube channel. Click here to see it! I purchased quite a bit there and will return soon to purchase even more as there will be certain things I’d like to purchase that aren’t there yet (i’ll post a video about that haul soon!)

So if you are in NYC make sure you grab tickets here so you can celebrate Mickey on his special day, and if you want to shop the Mickey 90 Collection do so fast! a lot of stuff is selling out quickly as it’s all exclusive.


Dates: November 8, 2018 – February 10, 2019
Location: 60 10th Avenue, New York, NY 10014
Ticket Price: $38