It's Just Those Rainy Days

Last week the boyfriend and I decided we wanted to take some photos. We planned it all out like we always do and then BOOM! Rain, and lots of it. Not sure why I didn't look at the weather. I suppose it was my mind telling me I needed a break. We then decided it was a good idea to at least try a shot or two in the rain. The result is what you see below.

I decided for my coat an Old Navy number I'd gotten a few months back for winter but never wore. I paired it with a seriously blue sweater from Fashion to Figure which just so you all know is now a part of the NY&CO umbrella so that's where you'll find their items now. For jeans, I decided on my fabulous stretchy pair from ELLOS. Boots are Old Navy as well.

For accessories, I decided to try out my new LoungeFly backpack in the city. I'd gotten it for my travels out in LA but was a bit nervous about taking it for a spin here in NYC. I was wrong to think that way because it worked completely with my outfit! I of course also wore a classic black fedora!!! Complete that with a purple umbrella and you have a rainy day outfit from heaven!

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