Style that Inspires Me

Prince & Mott is almost a year old now. I've taken much advice and many queues from fellow bloggers about how to grow this site and my social media channels. I studying bloggers a lot as well and have a very select few that not only inspire me but I aspire to get to their levels. One such blogger and fellow influencer is Darlene of Suits, Heels & Curves.

Once upon a time, she wrote a blog about dresses and how at one point she'd been afraid of dresses but was willing to wear one and showcase certain bits she normally hadn't.  Please do read it here. Folks the dress below by ASOS is the EXACT dress she wore for this post.

How did I get this dress? Darlene and fellow influencer Sandra of La Pecosa Preciosa have closet sales every Sunday at 6 pm on Facebook, and Darlene just so happens to be selling it one night about two months ago. LIKE Darlene's FB page so you could have access to these sales!!! Initially, I didn't bite at the opportunity to have this dress but by the end of the sale I was drawn to its pattern, and the chance to in a way show my love to one of my favorite bloggers by styling her dress in a very different way 4 years later. I'd been following the sales for some time and my first purchase (a polka dot dress from Ellos) got me my first brand ambassadorship with Ellos. So Darlene and Sandra have truly played a major role in the success of this blog lately. 

Take a look below at how I styled this gem, and leave me a comment or two!

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