Tips on Surviving Halloween

What I love  most about the fall is the Halloween season! I have always celebrated and feel I will continue to do so even when I have a family of my own. This is the one day out of the year, where you can dress up and be who you want to be without being judged. You’ll find a ton of ideas from this years trends (think Cardi B) or to staples like Minnie Mouse (pictured below). Here are some tips on surviving Halloween, everything from the costume to getting home safe!

Holy Costume Batman!: The most important thing about any costume is that you feel comfortable and confident in it. Really Don’t get a costume that doesn’t fit properly either too big or way too tight. If you’re going to be a certain character, please make sure you have all the things that are necessary to put your costume together, or if you don’t be sure to DIY it like myself. I had zero money for this Minnie Mouse outfit. All I needed was a read skirt, Black top & some ears! of course you add the touch of Polka Dots for some fun!

Not all costumes have to be purchased at a Halloween store, some of the best costumes can be homemade as well. Couple or group costumes are great as well because it much easier to come up with a theme as a pair or a group.

Destination: Have a place to go in mind. Here in NYC there are dozens of parties to attend as well as the annual Halloween parade. It’s in the West Village, in fact about two blocks away from my job at the Hat shop so every year I'll always see some interesting folks out and about. However, a house party or get together amongst friends can be just as fun as anything else. If you do decide to have a night out on the town, try to plan it with your friends as early as possible, and if you go to any haunted houses be sure to grab tickets early so you won’t get caught without plans!

Have fun and be safe:  I always suggest going out with someone for Halloween because things can get crazy but also it makes your night so much more fun to have a friend or group by your side. No really be with people that you trust all night. Nothing is worse than getting stick in a tricky situation so don’t even put yourself in one.