Make any Outfit Look Expensive

Living in NYC, one of the most if not THE most famous fashion capital in the world can be intimating. There is a pressure to always have to look fabulous all of the time. As many of you know if you live here it just doesn't happen that way especially if you don’t have the funds to match said luxe fashion. What I have learned in my 20’s, and now my 30's is it is not about how much your entire outfit cost but how you mix and match bargain pieces with splurge pieces. 

Here are some pieces that you would need in order to portray an expensive look on a budget.

The Handbag: You're going to want an investment bag. A great one would be in the leather realm. That way it can withstand all weather elements, as well as natural wear and tear. The leather is a very durable material and it's going to last you quite a long time. I know some women who've had their bags for 5 plus years easily. It doesn’t have to necessarily be a designer bag of course. Although sometimes when it is a name brand bag it will make you look all the more expensive. A luxe name brand bag can range from $100 dollars to thousands. Remember a good bag is an investment and leather gets better with time. You will have a leather bag for years if you take care of it properly. if you do have the money to splurge go for a color and a style that fits your personality. Try some of the bags below. Prices are affordable but still, the bag looks expensive. If you do decide to splurge I would suggest getting something neutral like black, brown, or even tan.

The Coat/Jacket: Your coat doesn't have to be a name brand however it should be long-lasting and classic just like a handbag. If you decide to splurge, go for a neutral style coat. Best options would be Black, Brown, Tan, or even grey. If you do want those pops of color perhaps think about a colorful belt to match the coat. It keeps it classic and fun. You want to be stylish in the winter months with a good coat. You want the same in the warmer months as well. For those colder months pair your coat with luxe accessories like fur scarves & collars, beret hats and stylish gloves. It makes for such a luxe look. If it is a pea coat make sure it is tailored for your body. I've seen so many pea coats look like crap because they aren't tailored to the body correctly. This rule also applies to Trench Coats which are perfect for fall & spring weather. If you are thinking of a shorter jacket make sure you invest in leather. I say go for a classic moto jacket style. It's also great for all seasons, not just spring. I always go for black because you can pair it up with so many different outfits. 


Heels/Boots: one of the first things people see when they look at you can often be the shoes that you are currently wearing. When you buy cheap shoes they look good for awhile but after one season you will have to probably get rid of them due to ultimate daily wear and tear those shoes while saving you money at the moment will not look luxe. If you spend more on your shoes you will save more because they will last much longer. Places like DNA footwear sell a variety of brands. While expensive they also last a very long time. Leather once again places a role in what lasts longer. Suede is also a good material to wear. Nudes, Blacks, & Browns are universal and you can get more wear out of them versus other colors. This goes for boots as well, and if you wear heels add shoe lifts to maintain your heels, shoe shine them so they will look new, and also cobber your red bottoms so you will not have that scuffed look if you wear those of course.