Shopping: Must or Lust?

My name is Ally and I shop a lot. No, really I have enough clothing to not have to do laundry for a whole month. Admitting to your addiction is the first step. Many of us can agree we have all had that moment of weakness when it comes to shopping. Is it a must-have item or are you just in lust with it. You really just want to make sure that at the end of the day you don't buy things you can't afford. Too many times at the hat shop (where I work) do I see folks returning items because they need to pay a bill. Why buy in the first place then? Never sacrifice your bills for a fashion purchase that you “can’t live without", I will tell you most times you actually can live without it. If you don’t have the funds for something you have been lusting for save for it. 

Shopping for must-have items are things that you need. They are the things that are of necessity for the most part. Lust items are just that. Items you are pretty thirsty over and can't get enough of. If you need a new dress for a work event opt for something that you can perhaps wear again another time that is practical yet classic. That for me is a must because it can cover more than one occasion.  Shopping is all about making smart choices. You want to buy things that will last, and also can be worn on more than one occasion. I can admit I struggle with lust buys verses must-haves very often because I naturally love designer brands and I have been known to break the bank for a Marc Jacobs bag or three (true story). Sometimes you just want to shop for the moment without thinking about later on. That can get you into some trouble BUT if you buy the right item it will be something you can wear with anything and it'll pay for itself with time. So each time I make a purchase I ask myself the following questions to make sure I am doing the right thing.

How often will I wear this?  This is probably the biggest question to answer when you are about to make a purchase. If not this question ask yourself...will I really wear this? If it is something you know you probably will only wear 2 or 3 times don't bother with it. Unless you are someone who has money to blow on whatever be smart when you shop. Buy pieces that are classic and wear them for years on end. For example, white button-down shirts, black pencil skirts & a great trench coat.

Do I really need it or do I just want it?  We have all looked at something on a rack that we like just because we think (at the time) that it's a great piece to add to their wardrobe. I admit I can be of the wrong mentality I could easily say "I might need this one day”. This goes back to the first question of how often you will wear it but also would you really need it?… because most of us ladies & gents purchase things just because, we just like it. We have to learn how to think in the long term. We tend to never think long term and that is when you see clothing & accessories pile up in the back of our closets. Thats when you make the bad fashion choices or overspend. I am guilty of just buying something just because it is on sale not because I need or want it. So it can work both ways.

Is it worth the cost? For me, the quality is important whenever you are considering making any type of purchase. Especially when it's a purchase that may break the bank. When it comes to fashion sometimes we purchase more expensive items just because we know it is designer, but the real question is it good quality? Will this last you a long time? I’m not saying you should not treat yourself once in a while but be smart about it. You shouldn’t pay $300 dollars for a trench coat that may be only worth $30. Don't buy that Rebecca Minkoff bag if you feel like it's not worth it.

How long will this item last? Whenever you make a purchase make sure you consider how long you will have it, and how you are able to take care of it. If you want to say, splurge on a new coat make sure it is worth the splurge for a period for multiple seasons, not just one. Again this goes back to is it worth the cost. In fact, each one of these questions intertwines with each other in many ways. Be smart in with your lustful purchases and make sure they are worth it. This also applies to  cheaper purchases  as well. It doesn’t make sense to keep buying similar items every couple months if never last. You need to view your purchases as investments and you will make better choices.

As long as you ask yourself these questions prior to making a purchase you should be good to go. Please make sure you are doing all your research before you make these purchases.