Style: How to Have It

Someone who has a great style isn’t just throwing high-end designer brands together. On the other end, they aren't looking crazy bummy either (even though the "bummy" trend seems popular lately)  Any stylish woman should walk into a room looking like a million bucks even if her ensemble may not have cost that.  I'm a firm believer in never paying full price for anything but always looking like you could have. You have to command an audience and exude confidence in anything you wear. I have days when I wear a blazer, jeans and a t-shirt and demand attention when I walk into any room.

My trick to look stylish & expensive is all about mixing and matching. Whatever my mood is that is what my clothes tend to reflect. I love designer clothes just like the next girl; however, I don’t want to also go broke doing or seem fake and superficial because of it. I love the challenge of putting things together with a dash of Ally's style. I love putting together things that you'd never think of. By the end of this piece I want you to feel confident and love anything, you wear as well. No matter your size love yourself, wear what you want.


To have style is to have attire that makes you feel confident. Being fashionable & stylish is truly an investment & a state of mind. Trends are great of course but do ask yourself this question... will you be wearing what you bought often? Are trends your thing? or are staples and classic pieces your thing? If your answer is yes then congrats you are on the right track to figuring out your style. If your answer is no then you should rethink how you shop for your favorite items. If you haven't any clue take a look at some tips I tossed together to help you out.

Always use pops of color to highlight your style. I rarely wear pink but when I do it's because I want to command a room and grab attention. Jacket:  ELLOS

Always use pops of color to highlight your style. I rarely wear pink but when I do it's because I want to command a room and grab attention. Jacket: ELLOS

Be Creative: Dear heavens when developing a style do rock the trends but make them your own. Remember stylish people take a risk! If you play it safe then you will never find what kind of styles work for you. There is a very fine line when it comes to admiring and copying trends. You should never want to be anyone else. You've got to always stay true yourself, what you are comfortable with wearing and staying true to that until you are prepared to do something else. Let's talk about myself for a second... I have never been a sneakers girl, a casual comfy pair of flats has always been my shoe of choice (really I'm sure I'm flat-footed by this point). Sneakers are trendy at the moment but you won't see me in them. Why? because it's not my style. What may work for someone else may not work for you.  As I have mentioned before you want to be confident in your outfits, trust me it makes a difference in your confidence. 

More Classic, Less Trendy: We've all done it...bought so many trendy items from all of our favorite designers because it is the “it girl” must have. I will tell you right now don't go there all the time. If you do shop trends make sure they are styles you can wear once it's no longer trendy. For the love of everything look at the Gladiator sandal trend! How many people are still rocking those? I have learned classic withstands time so much better. Get the trench coat, get the leather tote bag, get a button down blouse. Those are things you can pair with ANYTHING in your wardrobe.

Wear a bold print if you feel like it. Belt it so it cinches in the right places. Dress: ASOS

Wear a bold print if you feel like it. Belt it so it cinches in the right places. Dress: ASOS

Tailor Your Clothes: Your clothes should look custom fit for YOU even if they aren’t made that way. To have great style means sometimes you'll have to spend a little more to make your pieces stand the test of time. You'll have to create custom fits. A tailor is so important for any stylish woman who would like to look extra posh as well. Make sure whoever you go to knows exactly what you need. The worst is having a garment tailored and it does not come out well. Since I am short and curvy my issues begin with garments never really being petite. My issue is making sure things are the right length and are not too big or too tight in certain places. Play up your shape to find out what works best for you.

Less is More: When it comes to what your attire should look like Less can most times be more. Don't fall into this idea that you need everything under the sun in your outfits to make them stylish. Think sultry but modest when picking out your clothes. You want that head-turning piece but you don't need to be the talk of the town all night. If you want to show your curves where something form fitting but not tight. What's the difference? Tight means you aren't comfortable and if you aren't comfy in your look what is the point? Form Fitting caters to your best asset (get a tailor!!!). 

The best thing you can do is be confident in what you are wearing. Love it and own it. Style is whatever you make it be.

Top: Premme Bottom: Molly & Isadora

Top: Premme Bottom: Molly & Isadora