Dreaming in Dots

Happy Tuesday Guys & Dolls! Today I come to you as a dreamer and an avid Disney fan. I've been to Disney World well over 13 times in my 31 years and just recently (this year) made it to Disney Land in CA. I've always loved how much of a kid I turn into when I'm there. Every chance I get I go to the Disney Store in Times Square and buy up the shop with clothing. This time around thanks to my boyfriend this "Dreaming in Dots" shirt became mine and my love for Minnie Mouse continued. 

I paired the shirt with these amazing denim jeans from GAP. I love how the bottom is torn to bits and is asymmetrical. It makes for quite the detailing. I also love the butterfly button and high waist. Yes, you can see a little bit of my pouch but I'm confident enough to still rock it and you should be too. I want you guys to really get into the notion that you can indeed wear anything you'd like without care of what others will say. Just because we have some extra meat doesn't mean we cannot pull these styles off. 

I also decided on a denim jacket from Target Brand Merona. I found this gem out in LA at Buffalo Exchange on a shopping trip with Armand's family. I haven't been able to take it off much since. I placed Disney's newest Friendship Pins on to it as another nod of my love. Purchasing them meant a small amount when to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. I bought Minnie and Mickey's pin sets so that I could mix them. I belted the jeans with a buckle from a Who What Wear moto jacket I purchased at Target.

To top off the look I wore my trusty Ellos black heels. Take a look at the outfit below and leave a comment!

Check out the look.


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