10 Trends You'll See All Over the Place this Spring

Finally, spring weather is fighting its way into the spotlight. Gone will be the heavy coats, too many layers, and gross bitter cold. I know for me I welcome warmer weather. I also welcome all the snazzy trends coming our way (you may have seen a lot of these on the streets already). I did some digging and below are what you're going to see out there for sure from now until summer weather kicks into high gear. Take a look!



Long Sleeve Dresses

What better way to look like your ready for the warmer weather even if it's still brisk out than with a long sleeve dress. You can show off those legs a bit and still feel warm. 

T-Shirt Dresses

When it comes to these, I love and hate them. If you're heavier chested it may get tricky to pull these off but never say never. If it's your cup of tea wear the heck out of them. They are usually light and good for days when it's 50 or higher.

Wrap Dresses

A tried and true favorite in my closet. A wrap dress looks amazing on literally anyone who wears them. Be ready to see these with prints/patterns and bold colors for spring.

Gingham Dresses

I had to do a double take when I saw this print on more than one occasion on the streets of NYC. Gingham really isn't my cup of tea, I always swear it looks great on everyone else but me. Now that I know it's made a comeback its well worth a try.

Patterned Trench Coats

As an owner of trench coats with patterns, I can attest that this trend is blowing up and will continue to blow up this season. Try a darker color with a subtle print if you are still unsure. I bet by April you'll be trying to find a bolder color.

Super Extravagant Gowns (think early wedding season)

This ones for the ladies and all those spring weddings they are headed to. Myself included. 

Colorful Blazers

I love being able to wear lots of colors to work. Blazers are a great way to do that while looks professional still. 

Yellow Dresses

Yellow. Yellow everywhere. This trend was seen all over various runways during Fall Fashion week and you are already seeing the color out there. I decided on dresses because again it's time to let the legs fly no?

Super Funky Backpacks

Check out sites like Loungefly for some really funky backpacks, some of which you'll see out there in the wild, or click on some of these cool ones I spotted.

10: Off the Wall Sandals

I love a good sandal. Mix that with a funky pattern or design and I'm rocking said sandal most of the season. Check out the ones above for some cool ideas.

THAT'S IT! Go out there and start shopping these trends.