For Those Work Days

Work, work, work...Some of us dread it and some of us use it as an opportunity to show off some amazing style. Now in my line of work, I'm not required to dress up much. I have the occasional day when I get spiffy but most days I'm very casual and very laid back with my style. Sometimes though I like to switch it up and get a little more expensive looking. I decided on wearing my puffer sleeve blouse from GAP for this look because I just adore how it looks, I adore its detail and it was a departure for other looks I've done in the past. As for my coat, I knew a simple trench coat would do the job and I had just the one from Old Navy. 

For the pant, I decided to wear my Girl With Curves slacks that I got via Dia&Co. You guys all know how much I love these pants. They are maybe the most comfortable pair I own. A clean pair of slacks in black is always a sleek and very chic look. I firmly believe everyone should own at least one pair. For a final touch a pair of heels to give me some height. These slacks while comfortable do make me appear shorter. If this happens to you as well a comfortable heel will do the trick. They will elongate you and if you aren't in pants will make those legs look ultra sexy (if that's what you are going for of course). 

So remember, a trench will make any look classic, a heel helps when you need height and there is nothing wrong with looking expensive once in a while. 


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