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Soooo Fashion...We know it, we love it yes? I feel like fashion is all about self-expression of whatever emotion, mood, being you are currently in. When it comes to my style  I like to switch it up constantly. I'm no where near Madonna levels of evolution but thank heavens I don't wear butterfly clips anymore!. You want to keep the people guessing. The spring/summer is a great season because its the best time to accessorize. Summertime I find myself wearing less clothing and more accessories because it is just way too hot. Plus, you tend to want to wear less due to all of the endless activities. Accessories are an easy fix for that as you can jazz up any look with just the right amount. So here is my guide to what accessory items add flair to YOUR look.

Statement Jewelry: Add a chunky necklace, dangling earrings, cocktail ring or big bangles to get the most out of your look! The good thing about accessories you don’t have to spend a lot. Just going to H&M or Forever 21 you could easily spend less than $20 bucks and deck out that outfit your wearing with ease.

Shoes: Whether a fierce ballet flat, sexy stiletto, or funky sneakers! Express yourself with what works for you. The first thing people look at when they size up your outfit is what is on your feet. So always make a great impression.

Purse: Your bag needs to either be a focal point or muted so your outfit can do all the talking. Whether you like a tote, satchel, or hobo. The possibilities are endless as well as the colors you can choose. You can never have enough. 

Belts: Having a variety of belts can transform your outfit instantly! Skinny, wide, or just a regular one for your jeans are essential for any person who loves a more polished look, or to make whatever you have on create more shape.

Scarves: The good thing about scarfs is you can wear them all year around. There are so many different patterns, colors, materials, and textures to choose from. I personally love a good pashmina or cotton.

Hats: I can't write about accessories and not include what is easily my favorite of them all! HATS! A true way of life for myself but can be for you too. Dress up an outfit with a hat or dress down a suit with a casual hat style. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to a hat. 

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