Maintaining the Beauty

Here's a PSA for my Guys & Dolls! Men and women both love to pamper themselves. Taking care of yourself, your beauty is very important. I can admit I am an avid supporter of rewarding yourself. I can honestly say I have high maintenance tendencies when it comes to my appearance but I am very mindful because it can become very pricey. Honestly, I've been known to spend way too much money on highlighting hair, doing my nails and much more, but I do it because I wanna feel good!. So I try to limit my high maintenance wants for special occasions only. Basic upkeep are things that I do on a monthly basis.  



Here is a list of things I love getting done regularly, and that you should if you've got time and want to splurge a bit should think about doing more often as well.

Hair: I tend to get my hair done at least 1 a month depending on the condition, and more often for my bangs. Since I have bangs I need to go to the salon pretty often for bang cuts. It can be a lot of work but. My hair is naturally curly as well so it requires a lot of maintenance and it is very tough to deal with. A lot of higher end salons don't like to deal with my hair, but I've been lucky at places like Fox & Jane for expert cuts. In between times, I don’t go to the salon I do all the deep conditioning and protein treatments myself. 

Hair Removal:  So I started waxing four years ago and I wish I would have started much sooner. I just got tired of having so much hair in not so fun places. After getting waxed at several places I found my home in Sugared & Bronzed.  I usually go for a  Brazilian sugaring (consists of only lemon, water & sugar). My underarms and legs usually get shaved at home, and my eyebrow threading at City Brows on the Upper West Side. 

Nails: Here's one that I kinda want to get back into. Back when I was in school i'd get my nails done ALL. THE. TIME. When I got to college and started becoming pretty frugal about a lot of things the nails went bah-bye!. So many times over the years I've walked by nail shops and wanted gel nails, or acrylic or whatever the trends were but couldn't. With the rise of artists like Cardi B comes the rise of nail art again. Cardi is pretty famous for having all sorts of crazy art on her nails. Her huge following are now doing the same.

Skin: Your skin is very important because it is a reflection of your health. Thankfully when you are in your twenties you don’t really have to do much to your skin to make it look good. Although why not start early?  How you treat it now will determine how gracefully you age in the future. When I want to splurge on my skin I go to the spa and get facials and body scrubs. But the good thing about these splurges they can easily be done at home when I don’t want to spend the extra funds.


So there you have it. You got to know a little about me, and a little about all the work that goes into making me look and feel wonderful. What kind of up-keep do you guys do? Let me know!