Prince & Mott's Anniversary!!!!

Wow. It's been an entire year of Prince & Mott! It feels like yesterday when I decided to start blogging again. It took me a while to realize I never actually told you guys about how I got my blog's name, and how I got back into blogging. Let's rewind to me working in my (at the time) Soho hat shop, my co-worker had recently started a blog named Girlz Will Be Boyz which sadly is no longer but she's got an amazing Youtube channel. Subscribe to it here.

She'd asked me for some advice about it and I caught the writing bug instantly. It started with short stories, and then I decided to start the blog. I previously had a blog named City Style Life which did pretty well for me. I had an accident with it and before I knew it all of my info, posts, the site itself was gone. I was devastated and needed time off. In that time I got a new job, started working a lot of hours and just decided it wasn't for me anymore.

Once I decided I was going to blog again, I needed a game plan. I needed a platform and a blog name. One came easier than the other. I decided on writing about fashion and lifestyle. Done. Now the name. I researched it for days and days and one day after a bagel at the bodega on Prince & Mott St. in Nolita I just looked up at the street sign. I just up and said...that's my blog name. I took some inspiration for clothing brands who used street names as well, but this one was special. I'd spent so much time there because of work. It truly felt like a second home to me. 

So there I was planning away, the boyfriend decided he'd take my photos. I had not had any brands to link with yet but that was ok. I just wanted my name out there as best I could. I got my first brand ambassadorship with Ellos thanks to Darlene and Sandra and their closet sales. Read about that here. I've worked with smaller brands since then getting my name out there, just knowing that the hard work will pay off soon. I am making 2018 my year. I'm growing my social media, i'm working on writing better posts and really engaging with people. Time will tell what comes of this but here's hoping I can make it out there!

Cheers to Prince & Mott!, Here's to another year of fun, laughs, and taking photos in some crazy cold weather. Thanks to all of you who read and check the site. I appreacite all of the love and support over this past year.