Let the Accessories Talk

Let's talk accessories for a bit yes? I love them. Whether it be pins, bags, hats, feathers, jewelry I'm always in the market for new, unique accessories to go with my ever-changing style, and sometimes wacky outfits. Today I'm going to talk about some of my favorites and why I wear them.

Hats: The obvious one goes first! I have been working at Goorin Brothers Hat Shop for three years now. There's truly nothing like it. I've got quite the hat collection as a result. I truly do wear the majority of my collection, as seen by many many blog posts. There's something so cool and so polished about a hat. They just make you look so cool. 

Jewelry: Pictured below are some rings I purchased from Boho Queen Jewelry that I absolutely love. Prior to working with hats, I worked with Jewelry. I worked at a jewelry shop on the Upper West Side and have a ton of accessories from that shop. So it was always there, the love of rings, necklaces, and earrings. I still to this day have some of that jewelry on me. 

Bags: I LOVE ME SOME BAGS! I LOVE ME SOME MARC JACOBS. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! If you don't find me in a Marc Jacobs bag call a doctor for I have died. If I'm in a bag and it's not Marc's it's because I'm giving my treasures a much-needed break. I may just write a future post about why I love him so much, and why I love his designs...let's see.

Pins: I'm a pin collector thanks to my love of hats. My favorites are usually of the Disney variety, but i've been known to go to places like PINTRILL for some really unique designs.

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