Jacket Vest & Fedoras

Hey Guys & Dolls! How's spring treating you so far? I know for me the sunshine and warm weather has me feeling oh so good. A few weeks ago though that wasn't the case. It was cold and cloudy and drabby. My wardrobe turned into a classic New York style for the week. Dark colors from head to toe. 

I'm currently having a love affair with these loafers from Ellos as seen in my "Give Me All the Pink" post, and this day was no different. These are some comfy shoes. I can wear them for hours and hours and not feel like my feet are on fire. 

For pants, I opted for a pair I picked up at GAP. They are pretty stretchy which is very important for a woman like me. I had gotten them at a steal too only paying a whopping $17 for them after discount codes. I paired the pants with my favorite top from PREMME. It had quickly become a winter staple and looks to be a favorite for spring as well. 

The highlight of this outfit though is the jacket vest from online retailer SHEIN. I liked the cut, I liked the fit and the color worked for me. I'm unsure of how else I will style in for the future but I love it as a transitional piece. Shop their PLUS line here, and use code Mott20 for 20% off your order! (Valid on Orders over $59).

As always I topped it off with a hat. I wore my trusty rusty Dean the Butcher in Black from Goorin Bros. Hat Shop in NYC. Yes it's where I work but truly they have some exceptional hats. It's worth a look. 

What are some of your favorite transitional pieces? Leave me a comment below!

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