Lifestyle: Business Chic

Fashion should always be fun especially in the workforce. As women, we have way more options in clothing compared to men (I consider this a great thing as men seemingly get to always wear what they'd like). Being a woman is exceptional.  We can wear pants, skirts, dresses, and suits!  I have been lucky enough to work for companies where I was able to express my love for clothing freely without the worry of a write-up, or being looked down upon. This means no strict dress code.

For example, my current place of work lets me wear just about anything I'd like. The only exception would be any graphic tees that are too suggestive or offense. I love pops of color in my ensembles because I feel it makes me stand out in a crowd. So you'll usually find me in some color. I also love a simple black and white look as well. It really does depend on how I feel that day.

Living in NYC you always want to be ready for the unexpected. Maybe a surprise date night or happy hour with friends. Whatever the case you should always look your best & be comfortable in your clothes. You also want to be presentable when at work so try subtle colors if you are working in an office, and pair it with a colorful cardigan once you leave for the day. You could also change from a heel into something more comfortable like flats for that date night.

If I choose to be daring you'll find me in something bright or with a bold pattern. I've been known to rock heavy polka dots, or jazz up my hats so much that it becomes the focal point of my outfit. It's really up to you on how you'd like to style your business look, keeping in mind that you are dressing appropriately for work. If you've got rules, you need to follow them!!

If you work somewhere that doesn't mind your creative side take full advantage and really fine tune your style!