Effortless Style Transition from Day to Night

Great in theory and easier said than done, style transition from day to night, if you are especially a chic working from 9 to 5, could be as hectic as a day spent busy making reports, presentations or attending meetings. Do you always succeed in wearing appropriate apparel when planning to spend the night out with your friends after work? If NO, it could be worth trying! As day-to-night apparel can give you pieces to look not only stylish but give you stress-free days in your life when you plan for dinner, an evening pool party just after the hour hand of your clock strikes 5.

Just when you are planning to shop and buy new pieces for the season, just spend some extra time to choose your outfits that are a versatile trend and is hassle-free to wear at the office and after office events.

Layering Up

Layering your outfit gives a versatile option. For the day-time at work, a well-fitted blazer or a cardigan would be good to go to give a ready-to-wear look. A sleeveless top and jeans will cover up for the bottom layer well and so for the night-look. Such statement pieces are great for transition from day to night and layering provides more options for a combination of clothes for the after work hours.

If you are running for a concert or a more casual event, replace your blazer with a vest over your dress and you are ready to go!



 Flats and Heels

For a busy day filled with meetings, a comfortable choice would be wearing flats while you are heading off to work. By only changing the footwear, your outfit will appear completely different. You can simply carry your heels in the tote bag keeping it in your car or at your office during your work time. Just change your flats and wear heels and it will add a little glamour to your outfit. You can swap it with strappy sandals if you plan for a post-work drink by the pool.

Making up your make-up

Neutral tones and shades are usually preferable at offices, the only last five minutes will help you, spice up the look for night by applying a dark trend lip color with the perfection of cat eyeliner.


Accessorizing smartly

If you carry a tote bag or a briefcase, just leave it in your office and downsize it to the clutch. Carry a candy-colored clutch, hue or a cross-body purse from sophisticated to the chic look. You can make your day outfit appropriate and stylish for the night by adding a piece of jewelry. A necklace or even earrings could add a sense of style to your dress.

Just as you are working nine to five never keeping yourself behind by giving your best, keep in mind that taking time out for yourself is as necessary as anything, and such day-to-night outfits play a great role in saving your time and comfortably manage both your work and after work events.