Guest Post: 2016 Summer Trends to Keep You Warm this Winter


Guest Post by Chloe Miller


With the winter slowly approaching in the northern hemisphere, we tend to dream of summer now more than ever. The fog, the mornings without sunlight, the snow that we feel is slowly approaching and promising to stay in the following months. Brrr, the chills!

However, those of us who love the summer so much that they want to see it now, remember that the summer is almost starting in the southern hemisphere! What will the trends be like this summer? One cannot help but wonder. Every trend follower wants to know how to get dressed, so we have made a compilation of the summer of 2016 trends that will proudly enter beaches and swimming pools.


High-waist bikini hip

As it seems, tiny bikinis are off the market. With the introduction of retro swimwear, we say goodbye to minimalist style and say hello to high-waist swimsuits in different prints, with cut-outs and sheer paneling. And thank God for that, because if tiny ones remained trendy, who knows how small the next generation would end up to be!

Orange is the new black

When it comes to the summer of 2016, orange will become the new black in the bikini world. No matter if you wear a one-piece or a two-piece swimsuit, just make sure it is orange if you want to be in trend. No matter if it is all orange or it has orange-shade details, what matters is that you have any shade of orange on you, starting from amber, over to apricot, acacia, salmon, tawny, tomato, persimmon, marigold, or flame – orange is here to stay.

However, if orange is not really your color, you can replace it with turquoise, which apparently made a huge impact on the runways this year, so a major breakthrough of this color is also expected in the summer of 2016.

Cut-outs are a must

Since high-waist bikinis are getting more popular this summer, showing some skin can be achieved with cut-outs (not just Brazilian-style bikinis). One-piece trunks, two-piece trunks, cut-outs match either of them. Just do not be afraid to experiment with them. And remember – the more skin you cover, the better for your health because dermatologists recommend that you use high SPF every time you are out in the sun. And remember to apply sunscreen even on the smallest pieces of skin under your cut-out swimsuit.

Think of bondage in a new light

If you are trying to achieve a sexy look, search no further because there is a solution for you. If you loved Fifty Shades of Grey, you can try thinking of bondage in a new way. Swimsuits with bondage straps or criss-cross bikini tops are apparently entering the scene big style. Find straps and bond your upper parts with the bottoms, and you are good to go.

Florals are here to stay

As it was announced at the beginning of this year, florals remained on the scene during this year. However, they are making a massive crossover, from dresses and pants, going mini size – apparently, floral swimwear suits are a hit in Australia – and since the summer comes first down there, we should better take their advice and follow this trend. We are sure not going to make a mistake, especially if you wish to achieve a romantic, ultra-feminine look.

As you can see, trends are changing every year, but what stays is pure gold, such as floral print, and high-waist bikini. And as an extra tip: if you truly want to be the queen of the beach this summer, try fringe tops – the designers are introducing them even in cover-ups.

About the Author:

Chloe Miller

Chloe is a fashion-and-beauty enthusiast from Adelaide, Australia, Regular contributor at HighStyleLife and a Contributor to The Fashion Culte Magazine.