Guest Post: Fashionista’s Christmas Gift Ideas

A Fashionista is a person devoted to unique and high-fashion clothing. It is more of a state of mind, rather than just following the trends obsessively. These people indeed have a specific taste, and if you cannot figure out exactly what kind of Christmas gift would be perfect for your fashionable gal – don’t worry. Here are five most amazing ideas for you.


  • Statement Jewellery


Every fashionista knows that statement jewelry is very trendy this season, and you should have that in mind when picking an appropriate present for her. Sparkly pieces are a go-to choice even for the most casual outfit because they add a touch of glamour to it. When choosing a perfect item, focus on signature rings, brooches, and big earrings. These were introduced by the world’s most prestigious haute couture brands, such as Balenciaga, Prada, and Chanel. Tasseled or fringed earrings are the best possible choice for every IT girl who knows that bling has made a huge comeback this season.


  • A Must-have Sweater



Holiday time is perfect for wearing oversized sweaters, which means that you will make no mistake if you opt for an oversized piece for your fashion-forward friend.  She will appreciate it very much since these are perfect for cold winter days for many reasons. These are really cozy and warm, which means that they are practical on the one hand. On the other one, they are indeed very trendy and fashionable, and she can match them up with anything that comes to her mind. She can choose a pair of skinny jeans and sneakers for a casual outfit, or a pencil skirt and ankle booties for the urban-chic look. Possibilities are indeed infinite with this piece.


  • Designer Accessories


When it comes to designer accessories as an ultimate Christmas present for your fashionable friend, you will sweep her off her feet whatever you choose. If she is a technology addict, besides her obsession with fashion, you can purchase a designer phone case, such as Moschino cleaning spray case, or the one shaped like a teddy bear. Valentino also offers these, but slightly more luxurious – studded leather looks particularly gorgeous. Also, picking a set of two decks of playing cards created by Hèrmes, in combination with leather holder, will certainly take her breath away. This can definitely count as an extremely valuable collectible.


  • A Lingerie Set


A lingerie set is something that any girl wouldn’t mind receiving as a Christmas gift. This is particularly true when it comes to bras and briefs made of fine materials, such as satin, silk or lace. If you have trouble finding a perfect brand – you may consider Agent Provocateur. It offers the most amazing and to-die-for pieces that are very sexy and sophisticated at the same time. Also, if you are not sure about the color – go for black. You will not make a mistake with it.


  • Beauty Treatments


Every girl who takes care of her fashion choices has to take care of her body, too. Healthy and radiant skin is a key to success when it comes to her overall well-being and perfect look. If your friend has some problems with deep lines, blemish or acne scars, the best possible Christmas present for her is certainly an appropriate beauty procedure such as Fraxel laser treatment. It will make her more than happy, and if she is satisfied – you will know that it was worth it.

Even though you may think that fashion-forward girl’s specific taste requires many hours of searching for a perfect present for her – it is actually not like that. She is very versatile, which is why picking an appropriate gift for her is not such a difficult task. Just have in mind her personal interests and everything will be just fine. Good luck!

About the Author: Peter Minkoff is a beauty writer and a freelance fashion stylist from Brisbane, Australia, and writer at

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