Sporty Casual Featuring GAP

So here it is, proof that I do indeed can get casual if I wanted to. Once in a while, you'll spot me in something this casual out of the need to feel comfortable. Thanks to my friends at Ellos for this super colorful but very comfortable Graphic Sequin Tee. I love a vibrant color and to pair it with my new favorite jeans by GAP, well that's just a win in my eyes.

Speaking of GAP, I purchased these amazing Mom Jeans from them not too long ago. They are super high waisted and just what I need for those work shifts that need a little more movement.  I've got them linked below so make sure you click on them to purchase!

Armand bought the belt at Marshall's about a year ago. The jewelry was from RocksBox and the Watch is by Apple but the kicker for accessories is the trucker cap I'm wearing. These things are POPULAR AF. They are all over the place. They were made popular by many soccer players overseas and for the past 5 years, you'll see them all over. I'm happy to say I work where you can get them so I always see the latest animals. In the next year or so over 40 more will get made so be sure to check them out at your local Goorin Bros. Hat Shop (if you don't have one try, Zappos & AMAZON.

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