Lively Tulle: Three Great Ways to Style Tulle

Hey Guys & Dolls! Spring is just about over, but before we leave it behind I wanted to talk about one of my favorite fabrics...Tulle. It's a fun frilly fabric most noted for being the fabric of choice for Tutu's. Speaking of, they are one of my favorite type of skirt. I wear them quite often and even though I only own it in two colors I make them both work in very different ways. Below are some of my favorite ways to rock a Tulle Tutu!

Option One:

Make the Skirt the Focal Point

For our first look, I paired my blue tutu (purchased at one of Darlene and Sandra's closet sales) with a nude crop top from by Nadia Aboulhosn and of course my hat from Goorin Bros. Hat Shop. My shoes are loafers from Old Navy. I decided to wear neutrals here with the hope that the tutu would become the focal point of the outfit. 

Option Two:

Matchy Matchy

This is your classic NYC look. All black everything. From head to toe, I'm in black. The only splash of color is in my crop top by Fashion to Figure. This particular tutu I got from a Dia&Co. box eons ago, it's by Eloquii and has stood the test of time. No really I still wear it regularly. Something even with a color like black you want to play it a little safe. So matching your tutu would be where you wanna go here. Lastly, I wore black Old Navy loafers to complete the look.

Option Three:

All Out Color

Lastly, I went for some bold colors and a little bit of fun with this bodysuit by GAP. I tacked on some denim for an edgy look. The denim jacket is by Merona and I got that thrifted out in LA back in January. The necklace was thrifted in NYC, and the watch is by Welly Merck. Again I wear the blue tutu but make this outfit fun with color. 

There you have it! Comment below with some ideas on how you wear tulle!

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