Romantic Ruffles and Feminine Flowers featuring Who What Wear Collection

Yellow. A color I've been afraid of for maybe all my life, at the very least my fashion life. I'd always been afraid because...well it blends with my complexion sometimes usually during the winter when I appear lighter in tone than I am. When Spring/Summer approaches and I tan a little the color will do wonders for me. Case and point this lovely dress by Who What Wear Collection for Target. 

I'd purchased the dress for a Kentucky Derby party over at the hat shop I work at. I got a 1x to ensure proper fit as this dress as gorgeous as it is doesn't stretch at all! So if you decide to buy do know that there is no give. Get your proper size! I paired it with Old Navy flats for extra comfort.

For makeup, I decided on my new go to in Fenty Beauty. Fenty's Matte Skinstick Match Stix in SAND is my perfect blend. When the brand first started I used the foundation a lot. I found that I didn't need that much coverage and switched it up to just concealer a blender and some water. Those fantastic earrings come from Rocksbox and they are by Perry Street. The Leona Drops are a great look and finish for anything Yellow in color.

The final touch is the Beret. A Goorin Bros. staple in a new color for spring/summer in Yellow, and no I swear I wasn't inspired by Beyonce. It was more so knowing I'd have this dress and knew I'd want a vintage look. 

To style your look, look for dresses that have a classic floral look about them. Make sure it's long in length and add ruffles for some girly flair. Take a look at some dresses you'd like below and if you've got this dress or others like it, show me how you styled it!!!

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