Crazy Crayola Color featuring Who What Wear Collection

Hey There Guys & Dolls! Happy Sunday to you all! It’s FINALLY Fall!!!! Holy cow I thought with how the weather was going that it would never get here but alas here come the jackets, scarves and more neutral colors. As a good bye to summer I decided to post this awesome dress I recently gotten from Who What Wear Collection via Target. I’d seen it on my friend Sandra’s blog, you may know it La Pecosa Preciosa. If you want to read the blog post that her version of this dress is featured in click here.

Now…here’s what I did with it. What I don’t have in common with most bloggers is my height. I am SHORT like truly really flipping short. I’m 5’2’ and so what works for others will not always work for me. Case and point this dress which is you notice down below is longer than how I pictured it. I cut it. straight up took scissors to it and make it a short dress. I don’t regret it one bit either as it looks ten times better on me than it did when I got it!

I of course paired it with my Goorin Bros. Black Fedora, Belt from Marshall’s and Flats from Old Navy. My makeup as always was from Bobbi Brown/Fenty Beauty. I’ll say this its a great dress for a night on the town but definitely not an all day dress. I’m busty at the top so it felt a little tight on me there and if you wear a padded bra even tighter. It wasn’t fun but I got through it somehow. Besides that its a great dress all around, do make sure you are belting it with something, perhaps a belt or a wrap of some kind? When you get it it won’t have body at first. You’ll have to create that on your own.

Take a look at how I styled it below and leave a comment if you’ve got this read. I’d like to see how you styled it!


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