Head Into the Hottest Half of Summer with These Trends

Another summer is upon us. Gone will be the days of too heavy coats and crazy layering (crazy winter am I right?) and it will be all sorts of fun vibrant colors and patterns. I’m completely ready to bury myself into spring in terms of fashion.

During the back half of the summer, you'll find folks wearing a lot less. It's just so hot. It's so hard to be as fashionable because you are melting. However, if you wanted to stay on trend here are some of my favorites to hold you over until the fall:

Black & White:

I absolutely LOVE that pairing the two is in style once again. I’m a New Yorker so for me, black and white are staples in my wardrobe. It’s an everyday thing either I’m in one color or the other or both. It tends to look more professional than anything so if you are going for casual look perhaps find sweaters that are abstract in their pattern work or even try different materials. You can try a white lace tank with black pants and pair it with a not so structured bag for a casual look but with some chic feel. It feels good to know that classic colors are coming back. It’s even better to know New York Fashion Staples aren’t going anywhere…yet.


Chicer looking flats will definitely be making a comeback for the season. Pointy or circle and structured will do fine. If you want to go a tad funkier gladiator type flats/sandals if styled correctly can be considered chic even though they are very casual. I’ve seen them slowly make a comeback. As long as comfort is there really fun flats and sandals should be a delightful addition to the summer trend family.

All White Everything:

This one is tricky for me. I’m a plus sized gal so white will easily show off parts I don’t want to be shown. It must be styled correctly to work. Gone are the Labor Day rules for white! For myself, I’d say white denim is a go-to to achieve this look as well as a blouse, not a t-shirt that is loosely fit. Anything to tight always appears extremely tacky so don’t ever do it! Layering is KEY to this trend as well as mixing whites just a tad. A too pure white head to toe can nauseate. Trust me I’ve been there. Accessorize with a blazer or if you prefer a shall in white for a more classier look.

What trends are you looking forward to? or are trying for the back half of Summer.

Hit up the comment box and let me know!